Cum Together - Cristi and Vicky!
Cum Together! Exclusive hardcore footage from my first ever live show with Cristi Ann... one of our newest VNA Girls. Before going down on her, I get deep into her history. A teacher turned porn star who I found in a bikini contest! A cool interview followed with 4K bonus footage from our very popular live show. Don't make it to your free live shows with me? You're crazy! Cum together... right now... over me! xo Vicky
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Posted November 4th 2017

Chesty Chess!
Chesty Chess! My first ever video with super hot babe Victoria Banxxx - a Miami hottie with an ass to die for. Shot in 4K of course. Two Vicky's in one video. I know you are going to love it. We try and play some chess but as soon as I mention playing with a pawn... a porn breaks out. Lots of hot girl on girl action as we both taste each other for the first time. I know you are going to love her. Thanks for being the best members around and don't forget... if you like this video be sure to comment on it. It's mobile too if you want to stream it on your phone xo Vicky.
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Posted October 27th 2017

Vicky Interviews Victoria!
Vicky Interviews Victoria! .... I love to learn new things about girls. This aspiring dental hygenist decided to go into camming and ended up in a porn set! Lucky for us. Does she like anal sex? My ''probing'' interview here!
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Posted October 24th 2017

Ama Vid Submission 66: Swallow
After a good energetic fucking, this girl swallowed his whole load, so nice and clean! Not a drop of cum anywhere, all gone!
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Posted October 10th 2017